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The small Version: Jennifer Dombrowski and Tim Davis have observed the Northern Lights, used an African Safari, already been diving with crazy pigs in Bahamas, and loved red wine in Bordeaux, France. And’ve done almost everything in fashion. The happy couple just record their own getaways to bucket-list places and give a great amount of information some other people on their weblog, Luxe Adventure Traveler. Jennifer and Tim provide great tips on traveling with a sensible blend of adventure and deluxe. That message resonates with partners exactly who like to get away with one another whilst having encounters off the beaten road.


I am a full time traveler for the last four many years, thus I know the difference in luxury vacation and adventure travel. I’ve hiked past volcanoes to see emerald-green thermal ponds in brand-new Zealand while remaining in inexpensive hostels and eating takeaway veggie pies. I’ve also checked out Mayan damages regarding the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico while closing my day at an all-inclusive vacation resort with decadent as well as spa treatments.

Both happened to be fantastic experiences, but I’ve found the mixture of adventure and deluxe go end up being exceptional.

The reason why i came across my self booking hostel bedrooms at get older 40 — indeed, I happened to be normally the earliest for the dorm — had been because i did not understand how to reserve travel solutions made for my personal requirements. Jennifer Dombrowski and Tim Davis were focusing on that crossbreed sort of travel for almost 10 years on the blog, Luxe Adventure Traveler.

What began as your own travel log has actually turned into very popular vacation blogs online. Its made for individuals who love to check out like children but stay like adults.

“Tim is a daring, durable, outdoor individual, while I like a bit of deluxe,” Jennifer stated. “I like to get climbing and kayaking with him, but I also like a hot shower and a comfy bed at the conclusion of it. The blog site arrived together as a compromise between those two variations and interests, and in addition we created Luxe Adventure Traveler to mix them.”

A Go-To Vacation Planning origin for Millions

The web log started when Tim’s armed forces solution got him to Italy, and Jennifer chose to create a weblog just for their friends and household.

“They failed to see clearly, but other individuals did,” she mentioned. “We got it following that.”

By using a pal who was simply involved in digital advertising, they changed the way of writing and started to develop helpful parts that offered as books, sharing itineraries and holiday a few ideas that individuals could follow if they planned an identical journey.

Readers associate with the happy couple because they’re maybe not electronic nomads who don’t have a home base. Jennifer and Tim have actually a house people enjoy time for, the same as many tourists with traditional jobs. That distinguishes your blog off their sites designed for individuals who sell their own items to search the entire world.

“About three years ago, we focused on your blog, therefore turned into a full-time job for my situation. The coming year, whenever Tim retires through the armed forces, he’s going to pay attention to it full time besides,” Jennifer mentioned. “we now have 2 million audience yearly, and about 50percent result from the United States and 20percent from the UK. Our very own audience are mostly between 30 and 50 years outdated. Since we’re in our belated 30s our selves, it’s a good idea that individuals just who identify around and our stage of existence are the main readers.”

Audience Love the personal experiencing that renders Them believe Luxe Adventure Traveler’s Advice

One cause the website is starting to become popular is actually Jennifer and Tim supply individualized recommendations and program they care about their market. Jennifer mentioned they respond to every email and touch upon social networking because they like engaging making use of their fans.

“If I had a concern, I would never e-mail a sizable travel publication. But, with your weblog, we have been linked to our very own audience, and in addition we take pride from inside the proven fact that we are people, perhaps not brand names,” Jennifer stated.

Frequently, readers would like to make sure they’ve gotn’t left any nearby spots out of their posts because they’re too good plus the couple does not want all of them overrun by people. Which is especially true for excursions to Bordeaux, France, where the pair physical lives.

“A lot of people speak to all of us about traveling to Bordeaux since it is the house,” Jennifer said. “we do not cover any info or not share well known situations, but sometimes folks need to know further. As soon as you email some body or have actually a conversation, it is possible to feel their passion behind it.”

Couples Can Deepen Their particular contacts By taking a trip Together

Luxe Adventure Traveler supplies all about many types of activities. If you want to approach a three-day holiday, take a look at the itineraries Jennifer and Tim have actually submitted to help you prepare an extended week-end. Bucket list visits will also be highlighted from the weblog.

“We go on three-day town breaks alot or one- to two-week excursions, just like those who have standard professions,” Jennifer stated. “We started those itineraries to correspond with how exactly we happened to be traveling, and anyone can see just what we watched, remain in which we remained, consume in which we ate. They may be able get a hold of all of those things close to the internet site.”

Jennifer also suggests that every lovers travel collectively before getting married. The tension, doubt, and togetherness you go through with your lover during a trip can provide you with a preview of how well you’ll get along in life.

“It checks being compatible and just how you problem-solve collectively. Coping with different languages is challenging and set strain on the connections,” she stated. “which is anything everybody should do when you plunge into marriage, only travel with each other and come out of the comfort zone and normal at-home life.”

After traveling together, lots of couples much better willing to embark on a lifetime of adventure.

Build unique Memories With Luxe Adventure Traveler

In inclusion to composing the website, Jennifer and Tim are preparing to develop their own focus to include a specialized concert tour in Bordeaux.

“Here in Bordeaux, tourism provides actually started to arise — and it’s all drink tourism. From inside the southwest of France, they pride on their own on appreciating great meals, but no one is performing meals tours,” Jennifer mentioned. “that is one of the preferred ways to delight in a city, therefore we are intending a walking meals tour within the city of Bordeaux.”

The happy couple can eager for meeting more of their particular readers. One viewer along with her family went on a sail that she had been thinking of and arranged it with assistance from the blog. She contacted Jennifer and invited the couple about sail together.

“At the end of your day, travel is one thing that will be an extra, whether you travel on a tight budget or perhaps not,” Jennifer stated. “We just be sure to help people to produce those memories and people once-in-a-lifetime experiences that they’ll share collectively and pass it down to their own kids. That’s what it is all about for us.”