Do not let the worry for your children stop you from enjoying the car ride. Being a parent one cannot help but be concerned about the safety and comfort of your child.

Relabel Comfortable Child Seat

More than 100 children who are below the age of 10 die during car crashes and accidents every year. To reduce the number the government of Massachusetts, United States has made it mandatory for parents to use Child Seats for their children while driving. Protect your delicate child and safeguard them from any injury during the ride, by reserving a child seat for them from the Airport Car Service Weston. We provide relaxing and comforting Child Seats for children of various age groups especially at the request of the client. We plan a smooth and child- friendly ride for your child so that they can be safe riding in car service from the Airport Car Service Weston.

The usual seat belts of the car seat do not fit the children correctly and can kill them during a ride instead of saving them. For this purpose special child seats are designed for children for different age groups. With the change in time, the number of cars on the road has also increased. And so did the importance of child seats because the number of car crashes has also increased.
Many people are confused about which child seats they should use for children and when is the right time for them to switch. For this purpose we provide you a guide for when to switch the child seats for your child.

  • Infant Car Seats :- Parents should start off with the infant car seats when bringing their new born baby from the hospital to your house. These seats easily fit in for your new born baby and have many convenient features. The average weight and height limit is about 30 pounds and 32 inches respectively.
  • Convertible Car Seats :- Once your child has reached the weight and height limit for an Infant Car Seats you can switch into convertible car seats. The reason they are called convertible car seats is because they can be converted from the rear facing car seats to the forward facing car seats. The average weight limit for convertible car seats is 65 pounds.
  • Forward facing toddler seats :- The forward facing toddler seat gives your child a little more room then the convertible seat. Because it is meant for toddler who are big enough and can use the forward facing toddler seats. The weight limit for children to stop using this car set is somewhere between 60 to 100 pounds.

 Backless booster seats :- Provide your child with booster seats once they have outgrown the forward facing toddler seats. You can also provide your child with booster seats once they are mature enough to sit in a backless booster seat. Your child can stop using the booster seats once they have surpassed 8 to 12 years of age.


Sit your child safely and properly strapped in the Child Seats suitable for them according to their weight and high limit. If you are not aware of what child seats for your child. You can read our guides or mention the weight and heights of your child at the time of requesting for the Child Seats. And we will come up with the suitable child seats for them.

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